We Are Human builds and invests in technology enabled companies creating a better world.

Established in London by Johan Brand and Jamie Brooker in 2010, we are most notable for founding Kahoot!, a #LearnTech company whose game-based platform has been played by more than a billion people globally.

Since 2017, we've refocused our efforts on early stage companies. Tim Moore and Sindre Østgård have joined as Managing Partners in London and the Nordics respectively, and we’ve directly or indirectly invested in more than 120 companies across #LearnTech, #OceanTech, #HealthTech and more.

We Are Human

1. Our philosophy

In order to solve key societal problems, we believe we need the collective strength of businesses founded on values-based principles.

With high value creation and profit they are able to reinvest back into their core mission. Their unique culture enables them to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing and uncertain world.

2. A human & planet-centred methodology

True creativity occurs when we’re brave and embrace a fuzzy future. Our methodology takes a holistic view to understand the role of our companies in a wider context, in order to discover and execute the most impactful solutions.

We Are Human methodology


We believe a company thrives when experts, passionate employees, investors and users take an active role in its development. Product-led companies are ever changing expressions of the underlying qualities that lie within the organisation and the context they operate in.

Service Design

We use tools that help us visualise the broader picture; enabling us to design transformational, accessible and rewarding products that create network effects leading to exponential growth and financial sustainability.

Enabling Technology

Our insights into current and emerging technologies allow us to conceive ways they can be applied to solve problems in an inclusive and human-centred way, whilst attempting to eliminate potential negative societal consequences.

Societal Challenges

We focus our efforts on gaining a deep understanding of some of the greatest challenges of our time. Armed with these insights, our companies solve a range of problems related to human wellbeing and environmental sustainability.

Community Values

At the core of every We Are Human company is a purpose that ignites emotions and brings people together en masse; whether it’s through shared passions, opportunities, pain-points or moments in time.

3. A co-creative way of working

We partner with a wide network of experts, like-minded organisations and public institutions. Much like architects, we thrive on bringing together the right combination of smart minds to help turn a vision into a reality.

Building new ventures

Building New Ventures

Rather than setting out with a specific product idea, our new ventures emerge out of the research, exploration and prototyping that we undertake in the areas we care about the most, often with other smart minds we partner with. For example, Kahoot! emerged out of a 2-year research project we undertook with our co-founder Morten Versvik and the Norwegian University of Technology and Science.

Investing in startups

Investing In Startups

We invest in startups that contribute to our wider mission, by helping us learn and gain new insights, get increased exposure and grow our network. We only invest in companies that we could imagine ourselves working in one day, therefore they need to have a team and culture we aspire to be part of, and early proof of global impact, scale and financial sustainability.

Initiatives for the greater good

Initiatives For The Greater Good

We believe in the philosophy of “pay-it-forward”, and take great pride in having a voice that encourages change. We invest our time, money and resources into ecosystems, communities and movements that we care about, and that enable us to help set the agenda for transformation.

4. Our history

Founded in London in 2010, We Are Human now also operates from the Nordics, with a portfolio of companies located around the world impacting the lives of millions of people every single day.

Early years

2010–2012: Early years

  • Founded in London in 2010 by Johan Brand and Jamie Brooker with a manifesto to create impact in education and health.
  • Developed our methodology whilst helping startups like Jellybooks and Mountainfjord, and brands like HP and Unilever design and launch new services.
  • In 2011, we formalised our 2-year relationship with Morten Versvik (co-founder Kahoot!, previously Tellu) and Emil Økstad at NTNU to run a project exploring the role of play and mobile phones in social gatherings, business and education.
  • Founded joint-venture Mobitroll AS  with NTNU and Tellu in December 2011 to deliver commercial projects, after successful early experiments developing multiplayer games using Morten Versvik’s MOOSES platform in events, social gatherings and education settings—including the world’s first mobile controlled rodeo bull.
The rise of Kahoot!

2012–2014: The rise of Kahoot!

  • After further experimentation and learning, Mobitroll landed on the concept for Kahoot!. Incubated by We Are Human, the 1st version was developed, tested and iterated on from mid-2012—working with schools, universities & businesses in UK & Norway.
  • Alongside Morten Versvik and Eivind Josten on the back-end, Professor Alf Inge Wang on game concepts and Emil Økstad administrating, the We Are Human team consisting of Morgan Ritchie, George Agnelli, Greg Copeland & Scott Millar (in addition to Johan Brand and Jamie Brooker) designed and built the brand, front-end user experience and “Learners to Leaders” pedagogy for which the platform grew upon.
  • After a successful public-beta release at SXSWedu 2013 to gain traction in US education market, Kahoot! launched globally in August that year. By August 2014, millions had played a game of Kahoot! around the world, and the first business model experiments with corporates and publishers were run.
Scaling Kahoot!

2014–2017: Scaling Kahoot!

  • In 2014, Mobitroll AS became Kahoot! AS. Founders Johan Brand and Jamie Brooker took permanent positions as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Creative Officer respectively. George Agnelli joined as Lead Developer and eventually became Head of Data, and Morgan Ritchie continued doodling for Kahoot!.
  • Tim Moore joined Kahoot! in 2015 as General Manager to help scale the team. By 2017, more than 50 people were employed in Oslo, London and Austin.
  • During this period Kahoot! raised investment from Northzone, Creandum and Microsoft, developed partnerships with brands including Disney, and several business model experiments with corporates and publishers.
  • By 2017, 50M people globally were using the platform every month in schools, universities, businesses, events and at home. Sindre Østgård joined Kahoot! as a board member.
E/One and investing

2017–2020: E/One and Investing

  • In mid-2017, Johan Brand and Jamie Brooker left their day-to-day roles in Kahoot! to become advisers to the board, whilst focusing on new projects with We Are Human. Tim Moore joined as Managing Partner of We Are Human London later that year, also after leaving Kahoot!.
  • Between 2017 and 2020, We Are Human directly and indirectly invested in 120 values-based startups focusing on #LearnTech, #OceanTech, #HealthTech and more.
  • During this period, Johan Brand developed the concept for We Are Human's newest venture E/One, a zero-emission pay-it-forward platform for the Nordic startup community.
  • In 2020, We Are Human Nordics was formed and Sindre Østgård joined as Managing Partner.

5. A global team

Our partners are split between London and Oslo, whilst we have a network of experts around the world, allowing us to bring in the right minds for the right projects.


Tim Moore

Tim Moore

CEO of Method, London
Increasing leaders' effectiveness, nurturing creative talent and developing high-performance cultures. Likes to swim, bike, run.
Jamie Brooker

Jamie Brooker

Founding Partner, London
A creative leader with a personal mission to use design thinking and technology to create social impact. Football connoisseur.
Sindre Østgård

Sindre Østgård

Managing Partner, Oslo
Analytical and astute, Sindre thrives driving strategy and innovation within start-up ecosystems. Swims in the ocean every day. Almost.
Johan Brand

Johan Brand

Founding Partner, Oslo
A visionary entrepreneur and agitator, Johan connects ideas and people to be a catalyst for business innovation. Usually found at sea.


Morgan Ritchie

Morgan Ritchie

Chief Doodler, London
Creative leader focusing on design, product, growth & community. Co-founder Kahoot!.