We Are Human companies are designed for human wellbeing and environmental sustainability.

We Are Human companies

Our portfolio includes companies we've founded (such as Kahoot!), and a broad range we've invested in—across #LearnTech, #OceanTech, #HealthTech and more. We are also an active LP in 10+ funds across the Nordics, Europe and US.

We are only human - please bear with us as we re-work how we present our portfolio. In the meantime, below are some of the companies we've founded.

Our 2nd Investment Fund Is Now Live

Companies we invest in need to demonstrate product/market fit through initial traction and revenue, whilst having a clear plan for how they will discover their path to sustainability.

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Companies we've invested in

Wah! Fund I and Wah! Fund II are now both fully invested and closed.
Our current focus is on our own internal projects.

Funds we've invested in

Initiatives we support